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Wedding flowers are a huge part of the wedding celebration and need quite some thought, if you are looking for something affordable yet mesmerizing this list is for you -

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Flowers, they are one of the main elements of any occasion and without flowers any occasion seems to be incomplete. They bring along lfe, vibrance ,joy, color,beauty and subtle soothing fragrance. Then how can flowers not be a part of any wedding. At a wedding flowers are everywhere from venue decoration, cake decoration to bridesmaids bouquets, flowers are an important part of a wedding. Flower decoration and bouquets can at times be heavy on your pocket. But you don't need to worry anymore here is a guide from NJ Bergen florist at Fair lawn nj curated for you to bring out the best summer wedding flower arrangement at a budget without compromising on the aesthetics of the occasion.

Wedding flowers are a huge part of the wedding celebration and need quite some thought, if you are looking for something affordable yet mesmerizing this list is for you - 


    Roses are widely available almost everywhere around the world, they are commonly found in regions across the globe. Roses are extremely affordable in the flower world and super versatile as well. Roses now come in various colors with a huge variety in abundance. Roses also have subtypes which are easily spotted around like garden roses and spray roses. Roses naturally come in colors orange, yellow, white, red, pink and a few more. Roses can work with many kinds of wedding bouquet like dome shaped, nose gay and waterfall. You can go with a bunch of red classic roses with baby breaths, or you can go with a bunch of single colored roses like white and pink. You can get these roses in the fair lawn and get flower delivery in nj. 


      These soft looking fluffy flowers have a bunch of blooms all around them. These look like mini clouds. Available widely in colors pink, blue, white and lime green. Hydrangeas are a popular yet a budget friendly one. Hydrangeas symbolize beauty, grace and thankfulness. Hydrangeas white in color along with some greens are a popular choice at weddings. You can go with a simple bouquet with hydrangeas like assorted or single color bunches. For a fancier version you can go with Pink Hydrangeas and pink berry stalks, light pink roses and mini carnations. These bouquets have potential to work with different themes depending upon you and your florist. Coming from the house of Florist in Fair Lawn NJ, hydrangeas are just amazing. 

      #Gerbera daisy

        These flowers are amazing for weddings with large variations in color. Gerberas are just lovely. These belong to the family of daisies. But are generally bigger than usual English daisies. With one bloom over each stem, gerberas are perfect if you are looking for some vibrant hues for your wedding. It goes really well in a bohemian aesthetic as well. For bouquet ideas you can go for pink and white ones if you are looking for something one the calm side. If you are open to colors you must go for a bunch of single colored ones like orange, even hot pink. You can also go for light pink, hot pink and peach combinations with baby breaths and mini chrysanthemums. You can get this in any flower shop in lyndhurst nj. 


          Lovely lilies are a great choice for weddings, known for their unique bold shape and variety in sizes and colors. Lilies are super flexible and can gel in with any existing bouquet. But going by the flower gods there must be only one or two main flowers around which filler flowers and greens are mixed. That center of attraction has to be lilies because of their shape. You can go for asiatic, stargazer or oriental lily all have slight variations. Lilies symbolize devotion, innocence and clarity. These are just perfect for your summer wedding bouquet

          These summer wedding flowers are super budget friendly and affordable, go ahead with your flower arrangement planning with Fair lawn Florist.

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