7 Popular Easter Flowers And Their Meanings

As the name implies, Easter celebrates rebirth. Listed below are our top happy Easter flower picks that you can easily find at your local florist.

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As the name implies, Easter celebrates rebirth. As the season of spring and new beginnings approaches, flowers also symbolize new beginnings and rebirth on this holiday. Traditionally, there are many beautiful Easter flowers, each with its own special meaning. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than to make beautiful Easter flower delivery straight to your loved ones' homes? It is a great idea to give someone you care about flowers accompanied by a delicious box of chocolates.

Listed below are our top happy Easter flower picks that you can easily find at your local florist.

#Easter Lilly

It is a traditional flower for Easter to have an Easter lily. They are often associated with spring because of their trumpet-shaped blooms. The delicate white flowers and their striking contrast with their vibrant green stems make them an eye-popping attraction. Pureness, rebirth, and a new beginning are all aspects of this flower. Whether you decorate your home, church, or workplace with floral decor, it's a perfect choice for Easter decoration.


It is believed that irises symbolize a deeper meaning than other spring flowers, such as rebirth, optimism, or a cheerful disposition. In general, iris are associated with faith, spirituality, and hope, much like Easter lilies. Its purple hue, one of the most popular colors in the iris family, is strongly associated with royalty. Purple irises symbolize wisdom and courage, making them an excellent choice for wishing a happy Easter with flowers.


Known for their blooms in a wide variety of colors, Azaleas can be found in white, pink, salmon, lilac, purple, and red. It is interpreted in many ways, but the most important meaning is taking care of one's family and oneself. Surely, they are associated with the lovely family gathering of Easter and are easily available at the Lodi flower shop.


In addition to white, they also come in pink and blue colors, which makes them a favorite spring flower. The shrubs make lovely snowballs of blooms in the landscape, and depending on the climate, they can begin blooming as early as Easter. That's why they're popular cut flowers for Easter in many places. These types of Easter flowers symbolize gratitude and understanding as an ideal Easter gift.

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It is impossible not to fall in love with tulips in springtime because of their vibrant colors and beautiful buds. Easter is often associated with forgiveness, which is why white tulips are associated with this concept. A bouquet of white-and-purple tulips would celebrate Jesus Christ's royal status as the Son of God since purple represents royalty. The Fair Lawn NJ florist is an excellent place to order these blooms to enhance any celebration you are planning. Since they bloom so close to Easter, they've become a symbol of the holiday

#Yellow Rose

This wonderful flower represents love, life, and rebirth, making it an ideal Easter gift or table decoration. Friendship, happiness, and care have all been associated with these special flowers for centuries. It is a light-hearted and kind gesture to send Easter flowers to a close friend, such as a bunch of yellow roses. This Easter, yellow roses are the most appropriate way to toast long-term friendship, lift spirits, and wish for a happy and healthy holiday season.

This list of Easter flower names should help you celebrate this occasion with more enthusiasm. Here at NJ Bergen Florist at Fairlawn, you can find more information on the Easter Collection, as well as options for local delivery and pickup.

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